Is there a cure for depression?


The first session is based on us getting to know each other where I will explain my way of working in great detail giving you the chance to decide if the program is for you.

My general approach and hopes for our sessions would include:

*     listening carefully  to what you are saying in an impartial way so we can understand the difficulties you are experiencing in the present moment.

*     We will look to your past experiences to help us understand why you think, do and behave the way you do in the present. Again this will be done in a very compassionate and non judgmental way.

*     We will look at some of the changes you want to make to your life and why this has been difficult to do up to now.

*     We will look at some of the ways that you have tried already and decide what has worked and what has not helped.

*     We will look at some blocks and obstacles in your way even if that includes you.