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As the world is now moving further away from Face to Face personal sessions.

There is now a bigger need for One on One online consultations.

The lockdown has shown us the need and power of One on One online contact with family and friends though the internet.

But how secure is the internet ?

We have tested various systems and found out that Zoom online gave us the security and flexibility that is needed.

Here are the services that we offer:



What is your emergency ?

     Do you need help now ?

     Do you need to talk to someone ?

     Do you need advice ?


Hole in 1:

Hole in 1 is a new Mental Golf concept for getting away from it all and have a consultation and tuition with an accredited Therapist and a PGA Golf Pro Coach.

The aim is to achieve your "Goal in 1" outdoors on a golf driving range instead of a therapy session in a room.


Hitch Up:

How do you connect and make a booking ?

You select and request a booking from our website Hitch Up page.

We then email you the options and available dates.

You select an option and pay with PayPal on our Hitch Up page.

We email you booking date and time to put in your diary.

Your diary will warn you 1 hour before the session.

You click on the email to join your Zoom consultation.

Enter your meeting number from the email.

Enter your password from the email.

Follow the Zoom instructions.

If you agree we can record the consultation for you and email a video copy to you.



History is a Page where you can get access to all previous Online Video and Slides from previous meetings.



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