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Kings Hill Zoom Get-together

This is a free insparational introduction for Kings Hill Residents and Golfers to help us coping with the covid-19 Pandemic.

10:00 am to 11:30 am

4th December 2020

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What is Interactive - Therapy

Interactive -Therapy was founded in 2019 with the view of offering online help to people in the comfort of their own home or office.

We provide emotional, mental and behavioural healthcare online Healing all from the comfort of your own home, office or your favourite place.

We are a healthcare group that recognise the need for online Hosting consultation with a difference.

Hole in 1 is a new Mental Golf concept for getting away from it all and have a consultation and tuition with an accredited Therapist and a PGA Golf Pro Coach.

We use a trans-diagnostic model incorporating RECBT, ACT, CFT, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.

This is very useful when clients are presenting with a lot of problems at once.

In the main group events and workshops are offered to private and corporate clients.


Bespoke Target Groups

We specialise in Bespoke Target Group consultation for individuals as well as corporate divisions, departments, regions or management groups.

Consultations can occur locally, regionally or internationally and is hosted online via the Zoom platform at a time that suits you including out of office hours.

Consultations can be recorded if required for personal playback or reviews at a later date.


Live Events

In addition, you can also join Live Events in:

              Small Groups with similar interests.

              Company team consultations.

             Join International corporate Groups.


Pre-recorded Skill Sessions

Pre-recorded skill sessions are also available, which include topics such as How to develop resilience, build self-esteem and increase wellness.

These events occur regularly and typically last for 2 hours with detailed content and opportunity for discussion and interaction with fellow group members.

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