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Interactive -Therapy

The service was founded in 2019 with the view of offering online help to people in the comfort of their own home or office.

We are a healthcare group that recognise the need for consultation with a difference.

We use a trans-diagnostic model incorporating RECBT, ACT, CFT, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.

This is very useful when clients are presenting with a lot of problems at once.

In the main group events and workshops are offered to private and corporate clients.

We provide emotional, mental and behavioural healthcare all from the comfort of your own home, office or your favourite place.

Individual Workshops

Workshops and events are held regularly during the year and are centred around the development of coping skills.

Problems such as constant worry; stress at home, at work or both; parenting; feelings of sadness and anxiety; low self-esteem usually draw people to these workshops. Follow up sessions after the groups are held one to one on zoom.

Should a client request a ‘top up’ between these times that can be arranged too.  

Single virtual sessions to adults and teens (16+) suffering from anxiety and or depression can also be arranged.

These sessions start with an assessment, followed by 1 or 2 face -to -face or online sessions to discuss progress and ends with a 6 month and 12 month review.

This choice of treatment is normally suitable for clients that do not have time or the means for longer treatment and present as able to cope with their day- to -day demands.

Should a client request longer sessions to help with a mild to moderate experience of depression and anxiety, this will be made up of a single assessment session followed by weekly or fortnightly sessions lasting for 60-90 minutes depending on the clients presenting problem.

A brief treatment package can last from 9 sessions to 20 sessions typical in clients with depression or trauma.

I have trained in a number of therapeutic modalities from counselling, CBT, REBT, ACT, CFT, Mindfulness which will allow me to work flexibly and be able to share a variety of techniques and skills.

My treatment is very person centred and I develop a bespoke treatment plan depending on the client's problem and goal.  

I have a particular interest in positive psychology and hope to apply for a professional doctorate at the University of Wales to research why one person shows more resilience in difficult situations than another.

Groups Workshops

The group sessions are typically held in the evening and Saturday mornings however can be held in the day if time allows.

The sessions are 90 minutes long with coffee/ tea provided and all printed materials.

The first session is normally a taster warm up session, followed by 6 sessions group treatments.

Should the employee want just one skills based workshop, the group can be condensed into a day workshop and the outline and treatment model would be tailored to the clients’ needs.

Another popular corporate team building exercise has been the groups incorporating the use of sport such as golf.

These groups are bespoke and will be tailored to the needs of each company.

The day is hosted by a professional golf instructor and myself with the intention of lowering stress whilst learning a new skill.

Corporate Offer

Our corporate work focuses on staff wellbeing and my skills workshops focus on areas around understanding and developing resilience in employees as well as providing tools to help with work stress and work and life balance.

Additional groups are focussed on communication and leadership techniques.

I use a number of techniques ranging from CBT to positive psychology techniques such as validation, optimism and hope and mindfulness skills to help staff and managers reduce stress by focusing in on the present and forecasting on future events such the performance appraisal meeting scheduled for next week.

Interpersonal communication and emotional resilience are other popular groups as well as mindfulness walking during lunch groups.

The content of the group is developed after initial consultation with line managers and employees in order to establish the intention of the program and to ensure that the true wellbeing of the employee is kept a priority.


Welcome to

Interactive - Therapy