Live Event - Introductory Masterclass

Transformation During and After COVID-19

1st August  2020 - 90 minutes

09h00 AM - London

10h00 AM - Johannesburg

08 h00 PM - Aukland

06h00 PM - Melbourne

How are you changing during this time or are you feeling stuck?

Explore how to deal with either and get to know more about you!

Where do you stand?

This exiting masterclass will give you a hint of where you are and an opportunity to overcome some of these feelings. It will also provide you with some skills in order to visualise and build a new future after Covid-19. It may be to stay the same as you were or it may be to create a new you.

At the very least, it will provide you with coping skills in order to navigate around the many thoughts and emotions you may be experiencing now.

Join us for one session on the 1st of August for £25 per person or for the full 4 session course on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd August for £75 per person.

Refer a friend and get a further 10% off.

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